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About LRS Design

At Lynn Rosenhoover Signature Design the necklaces and earrings that I design are inspired by the intention to create something that endures and remains beautiful with the passage of time. Like the lyrical song that touches deeply, I wish to evoke memories of people, places and events that touched your life… to be treasured as family heirlooms.

Glimpses of the Pacific Ocean and Tuscany are preserved in the White Pearl Seastone Necklace and Tuscan Vineyard Necklace. The scent of spring in the Berkshire Mountains is suggested through the Berkshire Spring Birch Necklace. Warm summer days of Nantucket are captured in the Summer Beauty Hydrangea Necklace. The mysterious elegance of pre-World War II Europe is found in the rare vintage flower beads incorporated in the necklaces of the Vintage Collection.

I personally design and handcraft all of the pieces using glistening gemstones, luminous pearls and precious metals that will stand the test of time. Many of my pieces have won endorsements and awards. All of my jewelry is beautifully presented in my signature gift box.

A facet of your life and mine will be forever entwined in this jewelry worn by you, your daughter, your granddaughter … part of your family legacy.

My warmest welcome to you,


Lynn Rosenhoover Signature Design

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